Mood Boosters

“Sorry, I’m really not in-the-mood today.” Have you ever heard your friend saying that? What was your reaction? Did you feel angry, disappointed, or probably sympathetic? As teenagers, most of us have definitely felt that emotion. Sometimes we feel so happy and enthusiastic, but a moment later we are really not in-the-mood and need a mood-booster. People usually call it as “moody”. Being moody may cause harm not only to ourselves but also to people around us if we don’t know what to do after the bad mood comes and just let it spinning around in ourselves. Nevertheless, we can handle it by giving attention to self-control, positive activity, and foods/drinks.

Mood is a part of emotion. It’s not coming by itself without more, it’s created by us. First right way to manage our mood is creating good self-control. When we feel we are in bad mood, find out what causes that have made our mood dropped and try to control it by staying calm. Take a deep breath and throw the negative thoughts away then change into positive thoughts. Furthermore, motivating ourselves with positive ‘mantra’ can also help for getting through a sad or difficult situation.

Another way to face bad mood is doing positive activity we like the most such as hobby. One simple way to do is walking around. Taking ten until thirty minutes to go for a walk can raise a sense of lively, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. Besides of walking, we can do other good activity which able to create a good mood for starting a day such as listening to favorite music, watching comedy movies, taking a bath with aromatherapy, or doing exercise. In addition, getting regular exercise helps our brain to release endorphins, which tend to raise and help stabilize our mood.

The last mood booster I’m sure everyone will love is consuming some specific foods or drinks. It is good advice when you are in bad mood and your friend says, “Hey, let’s eat some bars of chocolate!” because several foods or drinks can help our mood become better, including chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin (hormone of happiness) which believed to recover our mood and diminish tiredness. Green tea has theanine and less caffeine than coffees which able to soothe anger, give relaxing sensation, and make ourselves stay focus. Other foods or drinks which is good to raise our mood up besides of chocolate and green tea are salmon fish, wheat bread, cold cereal, hot chocolate milk, yogurt, and almond.

As we have seen, changing our bad mood into good mood is not difficult. Three simple ways starting from controlling ourselves calmly, doing positive activity, and consuming some specific foods or drinks which have good effects to our mind and body will completely remove our bad mood. Those are truly easy things to do at the times we feel sad up to depressed. Do not let bad condition grab our spirit for beginning a beautiful day.

Find your own mood booster!


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