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25 things I’ve learned in 25 years

1.         Eat fruits. Your body deserves goodness. 2.         True friends will stay. No matter how long you haven’t met. 3.         So, do not leave those who TRULY CARE about you. 4.         You are responsible for your own happiness. Do not depend on others. 5.         Do not live to impress others. Just EXPRESS yourself and show your true colors. 6.         Travel NOT to escape, but to redefine yourself. 7.         Call or text your parents more often. They actually miss you. 8.         Traditional cuisine is the best food on earth. 9.         Relationship is hard. 10.     Stay single until you know exactly why you want to be together. 11.     WRITE. You always feel like you remember anything, but you don’t. Take note. 12.     Sing more. 13.     Hug more. 14.     Being a generous person will not make you poor. 15.     Wherever you go, a book is an obligatory item to bring. 16.     It’s not about the gears you wear, but t