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I realize I might not be the same person I was a year ago. Various factors play a role in shaping me from time to time. It definitely depends on whom I intensely talk with, what I read, what I watch, what kind of environment I grew up and so on. Having an annual self-reflection surprisingly helps me in understanding myself better; how I think, absorb, and feel at certain times, that somehow can possibly change. Kindly check the previous ones: 26 25 And here comes my amazing 27... 1. Slow down, you are not in a rush after all. Enjoy small things . 2. EAT VEGGIES AND FRUITS EVERY DAY, DRINK MORE WATER, AND EXERCISE REGULARLY. 3. You are not always growing up with the closest people and it's ok. 4. When life is hard, unexpected people will show up. I call them invisible angels. 5. Just go with those who are available at the moment. Some chances might not happen twice. 6. If no one is available, go by yourself. Make it simple. 7. Solitude is essential. 8. Pimples d