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Ten Days of Love

Roma, a winning award movie for Best Foreign Language Film on Golden Globe Award 2018 has caught my attention. It reminds me of someone who has shown me what love is. This black-and-white movie took a set during political chaos in 1970s Mexico. Roma tells a story about young domestic worker named Cleo who works for a rich family. Like a common housemaid, she does mundane activities in a big house, including taking care of four children. Less dialogue, Cleo does everything wholeheartedly. The family whom she works for is very kind to her, so are the kids. They make a strong bond with Cleo. Honestly, I was so moved while watching it, not only because of the sad scenes, but also because of the story line that brings me to a similar feeling of a person I know. A person who loves me sincerely. Cleo reminds me of mba Sri right away. My mom’s niece from hometown who used to be a caregiver in my family. I think mba Sri was on the same age as Cleo. She was just a junior high school graduate