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2019: Finding the Wisdom

It took so long for me to write a reflection of 2019. It's the second month already, but who cares? Haha. So, how was it? I can say it is a year full of learning, dive into a deeper meaning of solitude, self-esteem, compassion and empathy. 1. New level of caring 2019 is a continuation of my healing journey. I keep learning new things while taking notes of a wisdom lies in every phase which are valuable for me to face similar life problem in the future. The process took an endless observation, contemplation and self-internalization involving the art of ups and downs. The first precious lesson is how to start caring again, especially for those closest to me. Back then, I was apathetic to what was happening around. It feels like my head was densely filled by murky clouds making me difficult to pay attention to people as a result. The enlightenment came from a co-worker I look up to, of whom I learn a lot until today. She is the first child of five. Beside a high sense of res