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Morning Talk: Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis. This term has been familiar to me in recent years, but now, it becomes more popular to discuss, especially among people in my generation who turn 26 this year. You see your friends are getting married, having kids (more than one!), pursuing a higher degree, starting their own business, signing up for international races, and other fabulous kick-off in their life. This achievement somehow becomes a pressure as we might think that others are performing better or one step ahead. Neighbor's grass always looks greener, doesn't it? Recently, I observed some of my female friends and found that marriage is still being a trending topic to talk about. “Gua udah 26 nih. Temen-temen gua udah pada nikah.” was the most common reason I heard from them. I was very tempted to reply, “So what?” but I preferred listening to them at first place and trying to put myself in their shoes. When I dug deeper, they said that they are getting to worry because they haven’t found &q