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I Found Me

Five years have passed since my worst heartbreak in late 2017. Since then, I learned a lot about myself and life. I also met many people from diverse personalities and backgrounds who gave me new insights and broadened my perspectives. Through all moments that have happened, I gained one important lesson: I realized meeting him is a path I should go through to create a better me. So, here’s what I learned throughout my journey. Lesson 1: Know your values and boundaries Values and boundaries were something I didn’t pay much attention back then, especially in a relationship. The focus of the relationship was how to make him happy, even though I had to break my boundaries. One day, we ran together in the morning. After that, his friend suddenly invited my ex to an engagement party. Without even taking a shower after a sweaty run, we attended. Then we continued hanging out with his circle at the engagement party until evening. I knew I wanted to spend time as much as possible with my e

2022: Back on Feet

I want to begin with “2022 was a roller coaster for me” before I realize I have the same opening for the 2021 reflection post, LOL. But maybe it’s true, each year has its own roller coaster, its ups and downs, its laughs and tears. For me, the roller coaster was my skin breakout. But, despite the hard moments, I still experienced many good things in 2022 which makes me smile every time I reminisce about it. So, thanks 2022! Skin Breakout I started the year by having the worst breakout on my face, ever, and I wouldn’t lie that it brought me down at that time. My confidence level dropped drastically. It felt like it was not easy to be my own self. I googled my skin condition and tried many skincare products. Some worked, but most did not. Long story short, I visited a professional and my skin improved. The problem was when I no longer used the topical medicine from the doctor, the tiny bumps came back. I was truly confused, didn’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I was thinking tha