One day on my 30th, I realized I should prepare 31 things to share and I think it is too much! LOL. So, starting this year, I will just share 20, or any number I want to.

Talking about the last year, so many moments happened. Also, the emotional ones. But, I think my main reflection would be how I found love and believe in love again. Happy 31!

1. Be happy on our own.

2. Listen to our body.

3. Choose our priorities. We can’t please everyone (and we don’t need to!).

4. Groceries are getting expensive :’)

5. Be comfortable in our skin. Be bold of our true colors.

6. Just remember that text/chat has no sound/intonation.

7. Work-life balance is important for me. Then I realized, for now, a side hustle is not suitable for me.

8. Live our own life, not someone else's.

9. If it hurts, observe. If things change, let them go.

10. Surround ourselves with people who can keep their promises, even for small things.

11. Assertiveness is the new sexy.

12. At this age, I realized I sometimes overthink and get emotional easily (and that’s ok).

13. Know what we seek in a relationship.

14. Avoid debates in social media/virtual world.

15. It’s ok to slow down, or even stop, to redirect ourselves.

16. If it’s not meant to be, it will never be. So, don’t be so hard on ourselves.

17. Find someone who will listen attentively to every single thing we say :)

18. Trust our gut, even if it doesn't make sense. We never know if we never try.

19. At this point, I think that it is ok to give up on our dreams (I don’t know about next year, maybe my perspective would change again). It just feels like, maybe our dreams might not be good for our future self, or we simply do not need it in the first place. We just keep chasing it without knowing exactly why. Or, maybe there are other dreams that make us happier and more fulfilled, but not discovered yet.

20. So, never too late to try something new!

Great to be back!

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