I'm official “kepala tiga”! It is exciting and scary at the same time. Responsibility is getting bigger, while our energy is getting more limited. But, most of all, I was so grateful and happy to spend my special day vacation with close friends, surrounded by people I love and love me too.

Ok, as usual, I want to share some points that sum up my life in the past year. IT IS NOT advice, wisdom, or life hacks, just a note of what I have been going through, so I can remember what it’s like on the way to 30. Here it is.

1.       Black dress never goes wrong.

2.       Fine dining always makes me delightfully fine.

3.       Ask our best friend once in a lifetime: Mau kado apa? It is very fulfilling.

4.       "Setiap manusia di dunia. Pasti punya kesalahan. Tapi hanya yang pemberani. Yang mau mengakui." – Sherina

5.       Yep, the hardest part is admitting our mistakes and apologizing. Then we will realize that apology and forgiveness are one kind of beauty in life.

6.       Stepping out of our comfort zone requires lots of courage and determination but it's worth it eventually.

7.       Put ourselves first. Always.

8.       Speak truthfully, let people know what we feel, how we feel, while we have time in this world.

9.       Teammate matters.

10.   Mental health is health too. Prioritize it. Physical health and mental health should be balanced.

11.   It's ok to give up on our dreams...

12.   But they will come again to us one day.

13.   As getting older, we choose to not complicate things and to have less drama.

14.   On the other side, somehow there are many things to remember and to handle recently :')

15.   I got the virus for the second time and felt grateful I'm still alive.

16.   I got another acne breakout earlier this year and won’t lie that I was feeling so down.

17.   Do not be reactive, in anything. Take a moment to analyze it first, calmly, wisely.

18.   Our time and energy are getting limited, and we tend to be more selective with whom we talk or meet and that’s ok.

19.   Listen to our body and do what feels good for us.

20.   When we feel so lazy or weak to exercise, just take a small slow steady step. We'll be there again.

21.   "Kecil hanya sekali... Muda hanya sekali... Tua hanya sekali... HIDUPLAH KINI." – Tulus

22.   So, do what we want to do. There may be no second chance.

23.   Interaksi by Tulus is the best thing that happened to me this year. Thank you so much for creating this song, Abang!

24.   Do not rush things, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

25.   Spend more time with people we love.

26.   Spend money wisely. Do invest even a little.

27.   Living independently feels great and liberating.

28.   Celebrate any things or moments we want to celebrate. No matter how silly the moments are.

29.   This will be the same as the previous year, hahaha, but I will always promote a healthy lifestyle. Please do this daily: Eat fruits and veggies, drink enough water, sleep 7-8 hours, do a workout, and love yourself.

30.   For any uncertainty or unexpected things that come into our life: Just chill.

From Penang with love

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