2022: Back on Feet

I want to begin with “2022 was a roller coaster for me” before I realize I have the same opening for the 2021 reflection post, LOL. But maybe it’s true, each year has its own roller coaster, its ups and downs, its laughs and tears. For me, the roller coaster was my skin breakout. But, despite the hard moments, I still experienced many good things in 2022 which makes me smile every time I reminisce about it. So, thanks 2022!

Skin Breakout
I started the year by having the worst breakout on my face, ever, and I wouldn’t lie that it brought me down at that time. My confidence level dropped drastically. It felt like it was not easy to be my own self. I googled my skin condition and tried many skincare products. Some worked, but most did not. Long story short, I visited a professional and my skin improved. The problem was when I no longer used the topical medicine from the doctor, the tiny bumps came back. I was truly confused, didn’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I was thinking that it’s easier to understand a man than understand my skin, LOL I’m kidding. Throughout the journey, this thought came up: Maybe just try to not overthink it, Git? It’s normal to have flaws, right? And when I did so, magically, slowly, my skin got better. So, it gave me a new insight that if someday in the future my skin is in a bad condition again, I just need to give it time, I need to trust her that she is doing her best. She might be in a process of detoxicating all the bad guys in my body.

Back to Race

At the end of the year, I was back to a trail run competition. I signed up for 50K on Siksorogo Lawu Ultra, located on the mesmerizing yet mystical Mount Lawu, Central Java. I was super excited to be back since my last race in 2019 (MSC 55K). To me, the race is not only about reaching the finish line, but also about the community. I met many good old friends (and new ones), talking about our lives, runs, and everything in between, and it made me truly happy! The vibe of the race was always positively exciting! This race also became a farewell race for me and Elvina. We were glad we had a chance to experience a race together. It was super fun! Will tell the full story in another post.

A New Home

It’s been fifteen months since I moved out of home and started living alone. I could say, overall, it was amazing. Although I needed to cook my own meal, the good side of living alone still outweighed the challenges. My daily routine was not much different from mine at home. I worked in the morning, did a workout in the afternoon, watched Netflix and read books at night. Sometimes I exercised with friends, but mostly alone. Sometimes I went to the office when needed, but not too often. The thing I’m grateful for the most is having my own space where I freely arrange what I want it to be, and also the freedom to go out till late. It was also a good process to learn deeper about myself, day by day :)

See the World

2022 surprised me in regard to travel. I did not expect that I would visit many beautiful places last year: Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan, Ciremai, Lawu, West Sumatra, Jogjakarta and Bali even twice. Some visits were spontaneous, I bought the ticket flight to Bali just five days before. I decided to execute the long-awaited family trip to West Sumatra a week before.

I also learn to not force things. Just let it be. And be brave to grab the opportunities served in front of me.

I hope 2023 can be more joyful, relaxed, and full of love.

Beautiful sunset in Gili Trawangan


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