2021: A Peace of Mind

2021 was a true definition of a roller coaster for me. It was lots of surprises, from the biggest laugh to the silent tears. But, most of all, I’m so grateful I’m still breathing until this time. Quick update, the pandemic is still here and I'm still practicing WFH. Okay, so here’s my highlight for 2021. I wrote it in order of time.

1.      Getting out of my comfort zone: A speaker

One of my friends from a college organization asked me to be a speaker on his online talk show. At first, I softly denied it because public speaking is something I dislike since a long time ago. I just don’t feel confident talking in front of people, it makes me anxious. But, eventually, I accepted it. It was an online event so I thought I can handle it.


The event was live via Instagram for around an hour. I talked about trail running, the mandatory gear, and some tips for beginners. I was so nervous at first, but it went smoothly later. I started enjoying the talk and didn’t realize I talked too much in the end, hahaha. Maybe because the topic was something I totally loved about. This was my first time being a speaker, and honestly, it was such a nice experience. Thanks to Abimanyu for inviting me.


In case, you want to watch:

Safety Trail Run Can Be Fun, hosted by Cerita Alam Nusantara (CAN)


2.     Tasting the side hustle culture: A scriptwriter

This one had a similar intro to the story above where I was not sure to take the opportunity because of my low confidence. But the CEO fully encouraged me to try it. Then I was in. The project was making a script for a short science video (3 to 4 minutes) for the Kok Bisa YouTube channel.


It was a whole new experience for me. Usually, I write whatever I want, no rules, no deadline. This time, the script had its own style and quality standard which were challenging for me. But overall I did enjoy the process. It greatly enhanced my writing skill and gave me a glimpse of the picture of how the world works. Thanks to Albizia for the opportunity.


In collaboration with Kok Bisa:

Bagaimana Terbentuknya Bumi Jika dalam 24 Jam?

Kenapa Ide Kreatif Munculnya di Kamar Mandi?


3.      I got it, too!

Never expected I would get Covid-19. It was early July when the second wave hit many countries in the world, including Indonesia. My parents had it first, then myself. Thankfully, we had mild symptoms. Maybe it was also because of the complete dose of vaccine we took in April, it completely helped us fight the virus. My parents and I did self-isolation at home for three weeks in total. This was the most stressful time for me, both physically and mentally. Thank God it was all over. Also thanks to the neighbors and to my friends who sent us many food and support. It meant a lot.


4.      A peace of mind

Marching to the end of the year, my life changed in 4 days. 1) I had a big fight with mom on Saturday afternoon, 2) Went to Depok to survey the shortlisted kos on Sunday morning, 3) Packed my stuff on Monday, 4) Moved out from home on Tuesday. One of the big decisions I’ve ever made quickly in my life.


Mom and I had a long history when it came to the style of taking care of the house and decluttering. In short, mom is a conservative type who keeps all the stuff at home while I am the opposite. That moment was just the accumulation of both of us, and at one point, I felt I couldn’t hold it anymore. So, I looked for a new place to distance and calm myself down for a while. Everything is good now. Mom and I have made up. I still stay in the new place because I love it; living a life where I have full control of it. It feels liberating.

This year, I just hope everyone is safe and healthy so we all can continuously do what we love.

Surround yourself with people who make you happy. (Photo by Afdhol)

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