Run Baby Run

There are days when my body feels fit, and I can run following the beat

There are days when there are many on my plate, and the routine is skipped with regret

There are days when I can run a little longer, a little further, a little faster

There are days when the runner's high hit, and I cannot stop my feet

There are days when rain suddenly comes then I got sick for a week

There are days when the sky is so clear, yet the wind has no fear

There are days when friends can join in, but mostly the playlist and I are playin’

There are days when giving up is the easiest way, but endurance takes over straightaway


I just realize I have been going through a lot

From the days with the most intended one, to the days I just go run

Perseverance, resilience, and determination are gained over time

Running itself is a journey, to know how we feel about our body

To listen and thrive physically and mentally

To connect with nature and the place we live in

To celebrate life with a burst of endorphins

To appreciate things we have, which are often taken for granted



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