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The Art of Friendship - Ale

“Ada apa?” I tried to calm myself down when this kind of moment came. I have been thinking if I have to let him go this time, I’ll probably be fine. It was just surprising that my friendship with Ale became a bit complicated like a real couple. It started when Ale had a new gf in college that sometimes made it difficult for me to find “curhat” time anymore. Fast forward, I moved to Atambua for work and then our communication decreased in frequency. Being in a distance gives me a good opportunity to know who’s worth keeping and who’s letting go (Lana del Ray). Those who truly care would stay. That was the law of nature. Gratefully, most of my friends were less maintenance. Entering a work life, we didn’t talk regularly as we realized each of us was getting busy. But, if we wanted to, we did. We would find a time to make it happen. And, you know, living in a remote area and having a bunch of people who did contact you was heart-warming. People say your number of friends will get sma

2018: Life is Beautiful

Before it’s gone from my mind, I’d like to share my biggest lesson in 2018. If I have to describe it in one word, it’s a roller coaster (ups, sorry it’s two words). Stepping into the year with a deep wound, I was totally miserable. Empty. Lost. Useless. I hit the lowest point as a human being which brought me once to a thought to donate one of my kidneys if it could make me feel useful again. LOL. Now, I laughed loudly every time I remember that low moment. So, what’s the biggest lesson of mine for the past year? It’s self-love. Yes, self-love. What is self-love? "It is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth" ( It allows us to give a space for ourselves to see inside, dive in, and re-recognize the best version of ourselves. We know our strengths and acknowledge weaknesses and then try to accept them little by little, step by step. We take a moment to define our