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Twenty-nine! One last year to thirties. First, the pandemic still happens. Second, I realize listing 29 things or lessons is just too many. I might consider cutting it next year. 1. Do not take health for granted. Take care of your body while you are healthy. 2. Do not take for granted, anything and anyone. 3. Sleep is underrated. Please get enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours per day. 4. Drink enough water, eat fruits and veggies, do a regular workout, and go vaccinated. 5. DECLUTTER everything: stuff, minds, people. 6. Before buying an item, go check the preloved first. There are many preloved items of good quality out there. 7. JANGAN BARBAR. Save as much as you can, then invest it. 8. But, first, learn the products carefully. 9. And do invest in your brain, too. 10. Make a priority. We’re not here to please all people. 11. There are always some people who cannot accept who we are, let them be. 12. Circles are getting smaller in quantity, but richer in quality. 13.

Old Soul

Kinan, my best friend, told me about her experience. A friend of ours was going to study abroad. Kinan gave him something as a gift (Kinan is a very kind woman!) and sent it with a same-day delivery service to his home. A couple of hours later, no updates from him if the package has safely arrived. Kinan opened Instagram just for regular checks. There was a notification in her DM, a friend tagged her on a story. And it was him, with a picture of the gift from Kinan. He didn’t tell Kinan directly such as via WhatsApp chat or call and chose to post it on social media instead. Kinan felt a bit pissed. If I were her, I might feel the same. But I see that there is nothing wrong with that. Kinan and our friend just have different ways of communicating, perspectives, and values. Kinan’s story reminds me of something, I dislike getting friends’ updates through third parties like Instagram, since a long time ago. I once wrote about this back in 2019, you can read it here . In that post, I fel

The Art of Friendship - Amrie

Pas kuliah banyak temen, tapi abis lulus makin berkurang? Banyak. Pas kuliah ga deket, tapi abis lulus malah akrab? Mungkin ada, tapi sepertinya langka. Setelah lulus kuliah, kita mulai sibuk cari kerja, dan satu hal yang ga dipungkiri: lingkar pertemanan kian mengecil. Biasanya hanya berhubungan dengan yang deket-deket aja. Itupun bisa dihitung jari. Inilah yang terjadi pada saya dan salah satu senior di kampus. Dulu kami hanya sekedar “tahu” karena circle kami beririsan. Biasanya ketemu saat acara-acara fakultas. Dulu saya melihat dia sebagai sosok yang pendiam, misterius, dan pintar. Cocok buat dijadikan panutan. Kalo sekarang? :))) Just enjoy the story. Pertemanan kami bisa dibilang cukup unik. Semua berawal dari chat sederhana 5 tahun lalu, “Amrie. Ini Gita. Abis lebaran ada agenda traveling?” Ya, waktu itu saya ambil cuti cukup panjang untuk libur lebaran tapi ga ada agenda khusus. Bosan juga di rumah , pikir saya. Lalu, saya iseng chat teman-teman, dan nama Amrie ada di u