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It's an unusual birthday as the pandemic occurred, but on the other hand, it’s like a break for me, giving time and space to think what truly matters in life. Here 28 things I learned from one last year.   About earth: We are a part of the ecosystem 1. This pandemic is a good momentum to restart our relationship with nature and rethink our behavior. 2. Let’s start by being a more responsible human. Our small decision might have a big impact to environment. 3. Before buy an item, think wisely about the waste it will produce. Choose sustainable products or less-waste options, if possible. 4. Start planting our own food, maybe? 5. We only have one earth, let’s make it a better place for living.   About other: Live not to compare, but to make it as motivation 6. Do not control something we cannot, e.g. people’s expectation, opinion, behavior. Things we can control is only our response. (Learned a lot about stoicism from Filosofi Teras by Henry Manampiring, must-read