It's an unusual birthday as the pandemic occurred, but on the other hand, it’s like a break for me, giving me time and space to think about what truly matters in life. Here are 28 things I learned from one last year.


About earth: We are a part of the ecosystem

1. This pandemic is a good momentum to restart our relationship with nature and rethink our behavior.

2. Let’s start by being more responsible humans. Our small decision might have a big impact on the environment.

3. Before buying an item, think wisely about the waste it will produce. Choose sustainable products or less-waste options, if possible.

4. Start planting our own food, maybe?

5. We only have one earth, let’s make it a better place for living.


About others: Live not to compare, but to make it as motivation

6. Do not control something we cannot, e.g. people’s expectations, opinions, and behavior. Things we can control is only our response. (I learned a lot about stoicism from Filosofi Teras by Henry Manampiring, a must-read book!)

7. Do not envy other’s life. We never know what they have been through. What we should keep in mind is that we all have our own easy and difficult times.

8. I read it somewhere if we feel jealous when seeing someone’s life, taking a break from social media for a while would be great.

9. And for me, I try to change the way I react: Rather than being envious, I turn it into motivation to improve myself. I learned that envy would take us nowhere while motivation could possibly bring out our best potential of ourselves.

10. Just stay at our pace, either getting married, having kids, pursuing a higher degree, obtaining a higher position, or owning a house, you name it.


About self: Explore!

11. Be happy with ourselves first.

12. And if we have more energy, please look for people around us and show the support we can provide. Try to not take things for granted. And donate more.

13. We are never too old to try something new. I never thought I would enjoy gardening and yoga so much.

14. There are many beautiful things the world has to offer, enjoy it, celebrate it. It often lies in small things around us we don’t realize.

15. If our plan doesn’t go as we expect, say this: Please enlarge my heart to accept things I cannot (a beautiful prayer by Haemin Sunim-Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down). Anyway, we still have other 25 plans.


Pay attention to our health from now on

16. Add veggies and fruits to our daily consumption.

17. Drink enough water. Believe me, our bodies will be very thankful.

18. Sleep 7-8 hours per day.

19. Do exercise regularly, make our own routines (it’s very fun!). It is suggested to have a 30-minute workout every day.

20. I learned that the four points above help me gain not only a healthier body but also a healthier mind.

21. Oh, one thing, please save some money (and invest). It’s important to have healthy financial as well.


Other lessons during the lockdown

22. I can’t believe that subscribing to Spotify Premium is all I need to maintain my mental health during quarantine. (and huge thanks to K-pop and K-drama which have already been making me stay sane)

23. When it comes to dough, remember ATM: Air, Telur, Mentega (after mixing the dry ingredients). This is the right order to make good dough.

24. Write, keep a journal. It might work for us to unravel the tangled thoughts inside our heads. Give it a try.

25. Safety first, in all aspects.

26. Focus on people who stay, who appreciate us, and who accept us for who we are.

27. And let them know what they mean to us. If you miss them, tell. If you love them, tell. Being honest is not something to be ashamed of. It’s about caring and tenderness in all of us. Go express it.

28. Just dance!


"Skincare terbaik ya jatuh cinta" - Ali Ma'ruf

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  1. The one mantra that (i) should verbalize everyday : just stay at your own pace. ๐Ÿ‘ Great writing! As usual.

    1. I'm still learning to practice this mantra, too. Makasih udah mampir, beb :)


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