It becomes a routine for me to have a self-reflection on birthday. Writing down few things I've learned throughout a year. Healing and traveling are still main parts of the topic. If I could sum up, this year would be: Time will heal, nature helps, real friends are there. The previous one is available here. Enjoy both :)

1.       Be grateful in every situation.

2.       Pray is the most romantic gift.

3.       Do not pursue a love that has rejected you (Najwa Shihab).

4.       Rejection and ignorance kill, compassion heals it.

5.       Sabar. Sabar. Sabar.

6.       You don't need someone's approval to look great. YOU ALREADY ARE.

7.       Open trip is not that bad, it's fun tho.

8.       Charity or voluntary events can nourish your soul.

9.       Call/text your parents more frequent.

10.   Do not take things personally (Dalai Lama).

11.   Detach.

12.   Use stainless/glass/bamboo straw. SAVE THE EARTH!

13.   Donate more.

14.   Kalo bingung cerita ke siapa, pergi ke tempat baru, berkumpul dengan orang-orang baru.

15.   Time will heal, nature helps, real friends are there.

16.   Fall in love with everything (inspired by Rumi).

17.   Stay away from toxic people (those who complain anything all the time).

18.   Ga usah pamer, nanti pahalanya nguap.

19.   Ga usah malu kalo pake baju yang itu itu aja. Inget: KARYA, bukan GAYA.

20.   Solo traveling.

21.   Keep a journal, you will thank later.

22.   Stop assuming, ask.

23.   Do things with a purpose then you can feel the difference.

24.   If there's nobody saying love to you, I will.

25.   Laugh more at yourself. The pain will fade away.

26.   La tahzan innallaha ma'ana.

Bonus: Main yang jauh!


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