Dear Universe

If I have a chance to meet someone in this world, I want to meet a person whose personality is similar as much as mine.

I want to see her honest rare smiles. I want to listen to every single story she is excited to talk about with a calm face. I want to catch her abundance spirit whenever she does anything she likes and tell her she is doing good.

I will not remind any details of her latest plan because I know she is quite capable of it, but I will not forget to give my best luck for her. I will not let her go to wonderful places alone because one of her happiness comes when she could share her favorite stuff with others.

I want to be on her side during her hard times. Giving a deep hug and saying everything's gonna be alright. I want to hold her hand while she cannot hold tears about her past. I want to comfort her at the right time because I know exactly when the right time is. I know she will not tell anybody when the old memories suddenly come and put her in such pain. I know she is an introvert and will choose carefully with whom she will share her true feelings.

I want her to know that everything she is going through will make her stronger and wiser. The storm will pass. The rainbow will beautifully appear afterward. I want her to know that crying is okay, being alone is okay, also avoiding the world is okay as long as she doesn't hurt any human, including herself.

I want to embrace her fragility and remind her that she is a strong woman. Now and so on.

I want to meet her.

"Aku ingin kau kembali bisa... Percaya pada diri dan mampumu..." - Tulus


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