Twenty-nine! One last year to thirties. First, the pandemic still happens. Second, I realize listing 29 things or lessons is just too many. I might consider cutting it next year.

1. Do not take health for granted. Take care of your body while you are healthy.

2. Do not take for granted, anything and anyone.

3. Sleep is underrated. Please get enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours per day.

4. Drink enough water, eat fruits and veggies, do a regular workout, and go vaccinated.

5. DECLUTTER everything: stuff, minds, people.

6. Before buying an item, go check the preloved first. There are many preloved items of good quality out there.

7. JANGAN BARBAR. Save as much as you can, then invest it.

8. But, first, learn the products carefully.

9. And do invest in your brain, too.

10. Make a priority. We’re not here to please all people.

11. There are always some people who cannot accept who we are, let them be.

12. Circles are getting smaller in quantity, but richer in quality.

13. Find your communities, a place where you belong, and appreciate the people.

14. Find your values. Keep learning.

15. A simple check “How’s your day?” at the end of the day is truly heartwarming.

16. Buy skin care or body care products for your mom. She will love it.

17. Call your friends (meeting in person is better, if possible).

18. Try new things and take opportunities.

19. Do not discredit someone’s way of life.

20. Stay humble. You may cross someone’s path in the future. Networking is essential.

21. Read books you want to read, not people want to read.

22. Plants are like kids. You need to take care of it every single day.

23. Working from home tests you to another level.

24. Let’s promote a 4-day work week!

25. BTS has totally saved my days.

26. “No smiling, to prevent wrinkles.” – Tantekur, 2021.

27. “There's nothing wrong with connectivity, but if you don't balance it with regular doses of solitude, its benefits will diminish.” - Thoreau in Digital Minimalism.

28. “Setiap manusia di bumi ini akan bertahan hidup bila ada satu orang yang mendengarkan ceritanya.” – Weol Ju, Mystic Pop-up Bar.

29. Brokenhearted in 29 is like more professional. You let yourself be sad, you cry for a while, then you go back to work.

Watu Nari Wowo, Bajawa


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