Love Yourself First (Detachment Part 1)

Detachment. This word caught my eyes when I was reading an article about self-healing on a website. It is the opposite of attachment and I bet it would be an interesting topic to discuss as these days some people feel easily attached to mundane things. Afterward, I googled to learn more about it (mostly from Pinterest) and got startled, like, Damn, why I just found out this lesson by now?!

Here's my personal summary on detachment. It has many beautiful thoughts but I love to start with two:
1. Allow others to be who they are
2. Allow yourself to be who you are

By fully understanding these lessons, things will come lighter. I feel more relieved in accepting any kind of situations (not only about a heartbreak thingy), especially on hard times. One big point I slowly realize is that I can't control things that had happened, but I can always control my response to them, right? I can choose my action that I'm aware it would be the best version of myself. But, remember, no response is also a response.

It looks blurry in the beginning. However, the more I learn about it, the more I gain new perspectives in life. I learn to let go of anything. I learn to focus on things that produce my real happiness. I learn to be more grateful and feel sufficient. I learn to love myself, every inch of it.

Self-love is mandatory. It's not only about doing favorite things, but also learning to say no. Declining a catch-up invitation from friends because you know they will only talk about their selves is a good option. Holding on from trail run activities because you know he must be there is not a wrong choice.

"Seek the fountain from within yourself." - Rumi


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