A Man in Island Part 2

G: Hi Raf, how are you?
R: Hi Git, good, and you?
G: Not bad. Raf, do you still have a postcard I sent to you?
R: I think so, but let me check first. What’s up, Git?
G: Can I have it back?
R: Eh, why, Git?
G: Or, can you please take a pic of it? Curious of what I wrote years ago.
R: Ok.

Hai Raf,
How are you? How is Bira? Hope you enjoy your days
working there. Raf, I don't know how to say it
but I just want you to know that I will be here for you.
I love listening to every single story you share,
will always do. You know, I like spending time
talking with you. Sehat-sehat ya, Raf."

Dewata, 2016


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