Happy birthday to the love of my life. My 24/7. My everything.

I know I cannot say any birthday greeting to you because you believe Islam doesn't celebrate this kind of life event (we might have a different view on this). So, let me share a little story about you here.

You are the one who treats me like a princess

Who never raises your voice to me

Who continuously supports my dreams and encourages I can do it

Who introduces me to nature and it changes my life forever, in a good way

Every time I got home, you prepared hot water for my bath without asking and bought my favorite food

You are the one who excitedly asks how my trip is going and becomes a good listener

Who reminds me to solat 2 rakaat when I tell I face a hard time

Who shows love unconditionally through the endless act of service, and unconsciously, gives me a picture of what kind of partner I want to be with in the future

I feel blessed and lucky to have a father like you

Sometimes I wondered if you are no longer in this life, what my life will be, because I can't live without you. I totally can't. And every time this thought came up, I suddenly shed tears.

Hope you are always healthy and happy, Bapak.

I love you, 3000.

Klui, 30 Sep 2022


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