Secret Admirer

Have you ever admired someone till shedding tears? Some freak fans might feel it. It comes and blend into something I hardly describe. Crying out just because you truly adore someone? Oh c’mon, sounds stupid. But, it’s catching me now. And kinda torturing.

You can get inspiration from anywhere and anytime. Even from a brief conversation. Let’s call this a coincidence. We met on a crazy trip. You’re the one that going the extra miles. Seeing little things which slipped away from eyes. Doing something useful without much talk. Still able to sincerely share while facing hard time. The one that got me startled and make mesmerizingly say, “How could there’s a man like this on earth?” after the-world-is-stopping scene.

A great man is like a championship trophy on shelf. Precious, proud, and encouraging other to do better. Unfortunately, that trophy is not placed on my shelf. Yet, I’m so grateful for having million inspiration that makes my life more than a rainbow after rain. Including some posts on this blog which got inspired from all of you. Thanks :)

Secretly admiring a man is like seeing breathtaking view.  I don’t sit in the most luxurious place, but I get the best spot to enjoy the whole awesomeness. The world will stop for awhile, then I’m able to see those honest eyes telling experience of life. Or it feels like there are butterflies dancing in my tummy. Though sometimes one dancing on my cheek.

It tastes different when I find myself admiring a man. Really. And it turns confusing when this secret-admirer-affair involves that feeling. Just beware.

Have been inspiring by clavicle. Thanks a lot. I (impossibly) want more!

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