Do Not Force (Detachment Part 2)

When you practice self-love, you realize that your happiness is the top priority. You put yourself first then things will be different. “Detachment doesn’t mean not caring. It’s taking care of yourself first and letting others take responsibility for their actions without trying to save or punish them.” – Pinterest. This is the second lesson I’d like to talk about: Don’t force situations.

Shit happens, including in relationship. A moment when your inner circle doesn't invite you to movie time. A moment when your best friend is getting far because s/he spends most of the weekends with his/her bae. A moment when you need to talk to your ex but s/he avoids you and remains silent. A moment when you are slightly forgotten or left. I know it hurts, dear. The truth can be ugly sometimes. But, that’s the truth. Nothing more valuable than a plate of the truths on your table. Now it is your turn to define a response.

This kind of occasions made me upset in the past. I blamed them at first and kept asking why until I got beautiful words by Dalai Lama, “We often add to our pain and suffering by being overly sensitive, over-reacting to minor things, and sometimes taking things too personally.” WOW. Nailed it. I tried to not take things personally then my burdens faded away slowly. We should remember that if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. No need to push the situations because solutions will emerge. No need to feel peevish or mad because it's not their mistakes, nor us.

The journey to arrive at a calm mind is not easy. I don't succeed it on a night. Just keep repeating on head that it’s not a bad thing and you don’t actually lose anything. Yes, we lose nothing. Keeping busy with things that attract you and fulfill your passion is faaar better and useful for your life.

Sometimes I’m afraid of losing friends or the one I love until I realize we will walk alone until the end of this path. The real one will stay. The universe will lead the way.


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